Air Cleaning Equipment

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  • Differential Pressure Indicator (DPI)

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  • Micro Separator Unit (SAMU)

    SAMU150~550 Series
    • SAMU Series, The SAMU unique design combines the SAMG (Water Separator), SAMH (0.01 Micron Coalescing) and SAR (Air Regulator). The SAMU is a point-of-use drying filtration system which delivers high quality dry air, and a high performance regulator whcih reduces primary pressure to a desired pressure setting. • The SAMU series are modular type for easy installation and use in confined spaces.
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  • Water Separator (SAMG)

    SAMG150~850 Series
    • SAMG series filter aims at eliminating waterdrops. • SAMG series eliminate waterdrops up to 99% at the area of inlet of pneumatic machinery equipment and at the last stage of using air in the workroom. • SAMG series are effective to the place such as 1. which does not have to be dry as much as air drier. 2. which is not able to install air drier for its restriction.
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  • Mist Separator (SAM)

    SAM150~850 Series
    • SAM series eliminate micro-particle like rust, carbon of 0.3μm or greater, etc. by separating oil mist that is difficult to be removed by normal air filters. • SAM series are the optimal filter for the air source that drives solenoid valves of pilot type, and metal seal type.
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  • Micro Mist Separator (SAMD)

    SAMD150~850 Series
    • SAMD series separate and remove the oil particles or carbon and dust particles of size 0.01μm or greater in the air sol state. Accordingly SAMD series are ideal for filtering the compressed air necessary for precision measuring instruments and clean room..
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  • Main Line Filter (SAFL)

    SAFL150~850 Series
    • SAFL series installed in the main line improve the function of later drier, prolong the expected life span of precision filter and prevent the troubles of machinery by eliminating the impurities such as moisture, oil, other foreign substances from the compressed air.
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  • Auto Drain Valve (SAD402)

    SAD402 Series
    • SAD402 series enable the condensed water in the compressed air line to be drained automatically. • SKP SAD402 series are possible to operate manually.
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  • Bracket for Micro Filter

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  • Micro Mist Separator with Prefilter (SAMH)

    SAMH150~850 Series
    • SAMH series can separate and remove aerosol state oil mist in compressed air and remove carbon or dust of more than 0.01μm. It should be used as prefilter of compressed air for precision instruments or clean room required for higher clean air. • The conventional pneumatic pressure line AM Series + AMD Series have been integrated to achieve a reduction in installation space, savings in piping installation labor, and reduced costs.
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